Did You Know?

The Top Seven Reasons to Make Ner Tamid Your Synagogue Home

Did you know that women, girls and non-Jewish spouses are welcomed as full participants on the bimah at Congregation Ner Tamid? At CNT everyone takes a front seat – women, men, interfaith, non-traditional – everyone is included.

1. Celebration and Support
Congregation Ner Tamid is there for you, for weddings, baby namings, Yahrzeits, hospital visits, memorial services or funerals, each with a personal touch.

2. Jewish Community
From holidays to special events like Shabbat Across America, Chanukah Game Night, dinners and potlucks, and the Shavuot Ice Cream Social and the annual Italian dinner – you’ll experience Ner Tamid’s mishpacha feeling, being part of a warm, inter-generational, diverse Jewish family. Interfaith? Non-traditional? Everyone is warmly welcomed.

3. Jewish Education
We teach courses and workshops through the BATT program – Bradenton’s Adult Talmud Torah.
For kids, certified teachers make the Jewish Living and Learning Sunday School hands-on and friendly.

4. Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebrations for Children and Adults
It’s never too late and it’s impossible to miss becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah! Girls and boys, women and men, are individually prepared to read from the Torah and lead services. There are equal Torah honors for everyone – male, female, interfaith – no one is excluded.

5. The Spiritual Uplift of Meaningful Worship
You’ll love the pleasing blend of Hebrew and English and the mix of traditional and modern customs, in an atmosphere of kavanah – thoughtful, focused attention. Everyone participates at a personal comfort level. The portable Ark, the Torah scroll, the Shabbat candles, the shofar – each gives special meaning to Jewish prayer and meditation. Says one member, “It’s not boring. I know what’s going on. I love it.”

6. Social Action – Tikkun Olam
Ner Tamid partners with local and national groups. You’ll find your niche and know you’ve made a difference in the world.

7. Holidays and Life Cycle Events
From High Holy Days through Shavuot and every holiday in between, Ner Tamid is there for you. Rabbi Barbara Aiello and Service Leader Rena Morano can officiate for your family for all life cycle events, including baby naming ceremonies, weddings and funeral or memorial services – either religious or secular. In addition Ner Tamid has an agreement with the Skyway Cemetery should your family desire a burial or cremation interment.

And remember at Ner Tamid you can be a part of an AFFORDABLE, established congregation that understands that budgets are tight and times are tough.