Pizza and a Movie

Saturday, August 4 – 6PM

Enjoy this summer get-together with your friends at Ner Tamid.

Lakeside South, 3817 40th Ave W, Bradenton

$12.00 – includes pizza from Danny’s


“Danny’s is the closest you can get to authentic pizza from Little Italy!”

Norman: The Moderate Rise & Tragic Fall of a NY Fixer

Starring Richard Gere, Lior Ashkenazi, Michael Sheen

Persistent wheeler-dealer and New York fixer, Norman (Richard Gere) falls in with an Israeli politician (Lior Ashkenazi) on the rise.

When the politician is elected prime minister, Norman rises in esteem with the New York Jewish community, even though his social connections might only be a sham.

The critics say:

“Combining the dry wit of a latter-day Woody Allen with a canny eye for reflective and layered surfaces, [director] Cedar creates two utterly credible worlds: the one in which Norman operates, and the brick-and-mortar reality in which everyone else is trying to make their own way.”

“Is Norman a macher, a schnorrer or a mensch? Thanks to the filmmaker’s sensitive touch and Gere’s sympathetic performance, he gets to be all three. And that calls for mazel tovs all around.”

“Gere… creates a character both infuriating and endearing.”

“Norman’s elegantly told story is brought brilliantly to life by a quietly powerful performance from Richard Gere.”

Winner, 2017 Top Ten Independent Films
118 min., Rated R for language

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Congregation Ner Tamid, P.O. Box 10261, Bradenton, FL, 34282.

RSVP is due by Saturday, July 28th.

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